TroutCam live!

Thanks to the ‘Trout in the Classroom’ program organized by the Catherine Creek Chapter of Trout Unlimited, our District has three trout tanks in operation.

Two tanks are in elementary schools, one in Mr. Stoner’s second grade classroom at Fassett Elementary, another in the hallway of Beecher Elementary (under the supervision of Mr. Maloney) and the third in the science lab of Ernie Davis Academy in the care of Mr. Forsburg.

Each of these cold-water aquariums were set up in the fall and the trout began as eyed-eggs that were supplied by state hatcheries. Throughout the year, students have witnessed the amazing transformation of a trout’s lifecycle and have gained an understanding of the chemistry behind maintaining a healthy ecosystem. These trout will be released to a local water stream this spring!

A Trout-Cam is installed and live-streamed from Mr. Forsburg’s 8th Grade Science lab and can be viewed here:

This program is made possible because of the support of Mr. Steve Monks of the local Trout Unlimited group. Special thanks to the ECSD + BOCES Technology Team for the LIVE stream set-up!

Hands-on stem learning all year long! Thanks to our partners for making this program possible.